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Leever Homes was established in 2004 after Dave and Kate Leever built their first home in 2001. While they initially had built for themselves, the concept of building for others emerged when subcontractors working on that first home complimented Dave on his effective organization, broad knowledge, and skilled craftsmanship. From staking the house on the lot, overseeing the concrete foundation work, pouring the flat concrete work, framing the walls, insulating, trimming, painting, laying hardwood and tile floors, siding, roofing — Dave was the brains and braun behind it. The family soon moved in, enjoying the fruit of Dave’s labor.

Pondering the suggestion that he should look into building houses full-time. Dave began working out the details in his head, using the next two years to formulate a business plan that resulted in the formal establishment of Leever Homes. Two spec homes marked their first year, but since that time Leever Homes has focused on building custom homes for great clients all over the Des Moines metro area.

Leever Homes prides itself, not only in the quality of the home built, but more importantly in the relationship it develops with clients through the design and construction process. Leever Homes knows that establishing a trusting relationship between the builder and client prior to the construction phase is the all-important “first step” when it comes to building your dream home. They value good and effective communication, and believe trust and integrity are the foundation of this process that marks Leever Homes out as the builder of choice.

Dave has worked in various construction fields since his high school days when he held summer jobs on local crews. This continued through college, when Dave worked for a general contractor building commercial and residential structures alike from ground up. It was in those years that he learned every facet of the building process by doing the work himself.

Dave and Kate Leever reside on the SW side of Ankeny with their four children. Prior to having their first child, they bought an existing house in Ankeny and completely remodeled it prior to moving in. Since that time they have built three houses, pouring in sweat equity at every opportunity.


You’ll discover that the majority of Leever Homes’ clients are still close friends and acquaintances, and look back on their experience positively. In fact, Leever Homes still goes back and finishes basements and does regular maintenance on homes they’ve built. Why? Because Leever Homes values a relationship long after the project is done. Of course, Leever Homes offers a standard one-year warranty that is common in residential construction, but because they realize that these items are best addressed and maintained by the builder, not a third-party warranty company, Leever Homes completes their own warranty work during that first year. Accessible by phone when clients call, Dave makes his clients’ needs his concern.

Leever Homes attempts to build long-lasting relationships with their subcontractors. By choosing small, owner-operated companies who still have a stake in their business and rely on customer satisfaction as the bottom line, Leever Homes has forged a network that is most effective and efficient for the relationship that matters most — the one with you, the customer.

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